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VMware Horizon 8: Deploy and Manage plus App Volumes Fast Track Class

Test Pass Academy has Expert Instructors teaching VMware Horizon 8: Deploy and Manage plus App Volumes Fast Track. Our instructors are well known in the industry not only as top-level instructors with rave reviews, but also as top-level Professionals who pass along real-world examples to the class. Our experts have a vast understanding of VMware and a remarkable teaching ability making it easy to learn VMware. This is a 5-Day Intense Accelerated Hands-On training course combining VMware Horizon 8: Skills for Virtual Desktop Management, VMware Horizon 8: Infrastructure Administration, VMware App Volumes, and VMware Dynamic Environment Manager. If you are looking to gain VMware Horizon 8 experience, you found the right place. This bootcamp is geared for Corporations, Government, Military and Contractors.

5 Day VMware Horizon 8: Deploy and Manage plus App Volumes Fast Track Bootcamp: Train-Test-Pass!

What will I learn in the VMware Horizon 8 Bootcamp?

You will learn hands-on skills to deliver virtual desktops and applications through a single virtual desktop infrastructure platform. This is an intensive hands-on training class. You learn how to configure and deploy pools of virtual machines and how to provide a customized desktop environment to end-users. As well as learning how to install and configure a virtual desktop infrastructure platform, install and configure VMware Horizon Connection Server and VMware Unified Access Gateway, how to configure a load balancer for use with Horizon, and how to establish Cloud Pod Architecture.

Furthermore, you learn how to use App Volumes to deliver applications and data to desktops and users in seconds and at scale. You will learn learn how to use Dynamic Environment Manager to provide personalization and dynamic policy configuration across virtual, physical, and cloud-based environments to simplify end-user profile management. Also, you will manage application life cycles from installation to update and replacement.

VMware Horizon 8 Class Details:

  • 5 Days of the Top VMware Training in the Industry
  • Instruction by a High-Level Certified Expert
  • VMware Customized Courseware - Continually Updated
  • VMware Hands-on Labs
  • No exam associated with this class
  • Class Hours: 9:00 - 5:00 Central Time Zone

Upon completion of the VMware Horizon 8: Deploy and Manage plus App Volumes Fast Track Course, you will demonstrate competence and master:

  1. Recognize the features and benefits of VMware Horizon
  2. Use VMware vSphere to create VMs to be used as desktops for VMware Horizon
  3. Create and optimize Windows VMs to create VMware Horizon desktops
  4. Install and configure Horizon Agent on Horizon desktop
  5. Configure and manage the VMware Horizon Client systems and connect the client to a VMware Horizon desktop
  6. Configure, manage, and entitle desktop pools of full VMs
  7. Configure, manage, and entitle pools of instant-clone desktops
  8. Create and use Remote Desktop Services (RDS) desktops and application pools
  9. Monitor the VMware Horizon environment using Horizon Console Dashboard and Horizon Help Desk Tool
  10. Identify Horizon Connection Server installation, architecture, and requirements.
  11. Describe the authentication and certification options for a VMware Horizon environment
  12. Recognize the integration process and benefits of VMware Workspace ONE Access and Horizon 8
  13. Discuss performance and scalability options available in Horizon 8
  14. Describe different security options for the Horizon environment
  15. Describe the features and functions of App Volumes and Dynamic Environment Manager
  16. Demonstrate the architectures of App Volumes and Dynamic Environment Manager
  17. Install and configure App Volumes
  18. Create and deploy Application Packages and writable volumes
  19. Install and configure Dynamic Environment Manager
  20. Manage application configurations, user environment settings, and personalization settings

VMware Horizon 8: Deploy and Manage plus App Volumes Fast Track Course Outline:

Note: As this is an emerging technology course, the outline will be updated as needed

Introduction to VMware Horizon

Introduction to Use Case

vSphere for Horizon 8

VMware Horizon Desktops

VMware Horizon Agents

VMware Horizon Pools

VMware Horizon Client Options

Creating and Managing Instant-Clone Desktop Pools

Creating RDS Desktop and Application Pools

Monitoring VMware Horizon

Horizon Connection Server

VMware Horizon Authentication and Certificates

Workspace ONE Access and Virtual Application Management

VMware Horizon Performance and Scalability

Managing VMware Horizon Security

Overview of Application and Profile Management

Overview of App Volumes

App Volumes Installation Overview

Working with Application Packages

Working with Writable Volumes

Working with AppStacks

Overview of Dynamic Environment Manager

Install VMware Dynamic Environment Manager

Management Console User Interface

Application Configuration Management

VMware Horizon Smart Policies

VMware Horizon 8: This class is a blend of VMware Horizon 8: Skills for Virtual Desktop Management, VMware Horizon 8: Infrastructure Administration, and VMware App Volumes, and VMware Dynamic Environment Manager.

VMware Horizon 8: Deploy and Manage plus App Volumes Schedule:

VMware Horizon 8 Fast TracTBDLive Online$3,495QUOTE / REGISTER

VMware Horizon 8: Deploy and Manage plus App Volumes Fast Track Requirements & Prerequisites:

We recommend candidates attending this course should have at least the following skills:

Attendees should also have the following Microsoft Windows system administration experience:

What is the VMware Horizon 8: Deploy and Manage plus App Volumes?

Horizon helps IT efficiently deploy and scale virtual desktops and apps from a single control plane with rapid provisioning, automation and simplified management. Leveraging best-in-class management capabilities and deep integrations with the VMware technology ecosystem, the Horizon platform delivers a modern approach for desktop and app management that extends from on-premises to the hybrid and multi-cloud. The result is fast and simple virtual desktop and application delivery that extends an optimal experience to all applications.

Updated: June 3, 2024

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Why choose Test Pass Academy?

Your Instructor Has Vast Experience in the Field

Quotation MarkThe class went great. Michael was an excellent teacher. He has vast experience in the field and used great real world examples to help understand concepts. Thank you for the opportunity to take this bootcamp with such a qualified teacher.Quotation Mark

Thanks again, Robert
Booz Allen Hamilton

Experience and High Energy Teaching Style

Quotation MarkFred is a fantastic instructor, with his background, experience and high energy teaching style I definitely have a great deal of confidence in passing the test first time through. I definitely will recommend your class for any future CISSP candidates.Quotation Mark

V/R, Chuck US Navy

Instructor for the Course Was Outstanding

Quotation MarkI had a great experience and thought that the test center was top notch. The material that has to be covered for an exam like these is very extensive. The instructor for the course was outstanding, and knew the Windows platform in and out.Quotation Mark

DoD Contractor

I Learned a lot and Passed the Test

Quotation MarkThe Security Plus class went very well!! I learned a lot, passed the test, and Tracy was an excellent instructor. I felt it was very valuable training for my job and was very satisfied with my experience with Test Pass Academy. Thank you for everything.Quotation Mark

Addy - US Air Force

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