CompTIA Cloud Essentials Certification Training

This class has been RETIRED and only available as a private group session.

Why Choose Test Pass Academy for your CompTIA Authorized Cloud Essentials Training?

Test Pass Academy employs and contracts training solution specialists, consultants and expert security instructors that have been doing CompTIA certification training since it first came out. Our security instructors are well known in the industry not only as top level instructor's with rave reviews, but also as top level security professionals who pass along real world examples to the class. Our experts have a vast understanding of security and a remarkable teaching ability making it easy to pass the Cloud Essentials exam on the 1st attempt.

This course prepares students to pass the Cloud Essentials CLO-001 Exam from CompTIA through a combination of lecture, review, drill sessions, extensive mentoring, practice questions and answer sessions. We use CompTIA Approved Quality Content (CAQC) in our CompTIA Authorized bootcamp. The CAQC symbol means we are covering and synchronized with the latest exam objectives. We will provide the right amount of training needed for you to Test with Confidence.

What is the CompTIA Cloud Essentials?
The CompTIA Cloud Essentials Exam is a vendor-neutral technical qualification. The Cloud Essentials exam is relevant to business analysts, business process owners, technical support staff, managed service provider personnel, new data center staff, sales and marketing staff in cloud product or service environments.

Certifications Earned During This Bootcamp: CompTIA Cloud Essentials

The Cloud Essentials exam covers six major objectives:

Characteristics of Cloud Services From a Business Perspective (15% of exam)
Cloud Computing and Business Value (20% of exam)
Technical Perspective/Cloud Types (20% of exam)
Steps to Successful Adoption of Cloud Computing (15% of exam)
Impact and Changes of Cloud Computing on IT Service Management (15% of exam)
Risks and Consequences of Cloud Computing (15% of exam)

What will I learn in the Cloud Essentials Bootcamp?

The CompTIA Cloud Essentials exam will show that the successful candidate has the knowledge and understanding of the main cloud computing principles and concepts. Successful candidates will understand what cloud computing means from a business and
technical perspective, as well as what is involved in moving to and governing the cloud.

Introduction to Cloud Computing
Overview of Cloud Computing
Evolution of the Cloud
Specialized Cloud Services
Business Value of Cloud Computing
Business Need for Cloud Computing
Cloud Scalability
Cloud Security
Impact of Cloud Computing on Business
Technical Perspectives of Cloud Computing
The Cloud Deployment Models
Network Requirements for Cloud Deployment
Automation and Self-Service in Cloud Computing
Federated Cloud Services
Technical Challenges of Cloud Computing
Cloud Storage
Application Performance
Data Integration
Security Risks and Mitigation
Application Architecture and the Development Process
Steps to Successful Adoption of Cloud Services
Steps to Adopting Cloud Services
Organizational Capability to Adopt Cloud Services
Cloud Vendor Roles and Capabilities
Migrating Applications to the Cloud
ITIL and Cloud Computing
Overview of ITIL
Planning Service Strategy
Designing Cloud Service
Transitioning to Live Environment
Running a Cloud Service Operation
Continual Service Improvement with Cloud
Identifying Risks and Consequences
Organizational Risks
Technical Risks
Legal Risks
Cost Evaluation for Cloud Computing
Identify Maintenance Aspects of Strategic Flexibility

Upon completing our CompTIA Cloud Essentials Boot Camp you with valuable knowledge and skills including the ability to:

Understand common terms and definitions of cloud computing and provide examples.
Describe the relationship between cloud computing and virtualization.
Name early examples of cloud computing.
Understand several common definitions of cloud computing and their commonalities/differences.
Recognize what types organizations might benefit from cloud computing.
Recognize what types organizations might not benefit from cloud computing.
Distinguish between the different types of clouds, including XaaS, IaaS, PaaS, and give examples of them.
Recognize the similarities and differences between cloud computing and outsourcing.
Understand the following characteristics of clouds and cloud services from a business perspective.
Demonstrate how the characteristics of cloud computing enhance business value.
Understand the difference between private and public types of clouds from a technical perspective and provide examples.
Understand at a high level the following important techniques and methods for cloud computing deployment.
Explain technical challenges and risks for cloud computing and methods to mitigate them for.
Describe the impact of cloud computing on application architecture and the application-development process.
Explain typical steps that lead to a successful adoption of cloud computing services.
Understand the roles and capabilities of cloud computing vendors and dependencies on the vendors.
Understand the following organizational capabilities that are relevant for realizing cloud benefits.
Describe multiple approaches for migrating applications
Understand the impact and changes cloud computing on IT service management in a typical organization.
Use a structured approach based on ITIL to explore the potential impact of cloud computing in your organization.
Explain and identify the issues associated with integrating cloud computing into an organization’s existing compliance risk and regulatory framework.
Explain the implications for direct cost and cost allocations.
Understand how to maintain strategic flexibility.

Attendee Requirement & Prerequisites:

While it is not required, CompTIA recommends that a candidate have at least six months working in an environment that markets or relies on IT-related services.

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Why choose Test Pass Academy?

Your Instructor Has Vast Experience in the Field

Quotation MarkThe class went great. Michael was an excellent teacher. He has vast experience in the field and used great real world examples to help understand concepts. Thank you for the opportunity to take this bootcamp with such a qualified teacher.Quotation Mark

Thanks again, Robert
Booz Allen Hamilton

Experience and High Energy Teaching Style

Quotation MarkFred is a fantastic instructor, with his background, experience and high energy teaching style I definitely have a great deal of confidence in passing the test first time through. I definitely will recommend your class for any future CISSP candidates.Quotation Mark

V/R, Chuck US Navy

Instructor for the Course Was Outstanding

Quotation MarkI had a great experience and thought that the test center was top notch. The material that has to be covered for an exam like these is very extensive. The instructor for the course was outstanding, and knew the Windows platform in and out.Quotation Mark

DoD Contractor

I Learned a lot and Passed the Test

Quotation MarkThe Security Plus class went very well!! I learned a lot, passed the test, and Tracy was an excellent instructor. I felt it was very valuable training for my job and was very satisfied with my experience with Test Pass Academy. Thank you for everything.Quotation Mark

Addy - US Air Force

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