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Test Pass Academy has expert security instructors that have been doing the EC-Council Certified Security Analyst (ECSA) Certification training since it first came out. Our security instructors are well known in the industry not only as top level instructors with rave reviews, but also as top level security professionals who pass along real world examples to the class. Our experts have a vast understanding of security and a remarkable teaching ability making it easy to PASS the ECSA Exam on the 1st attempt. If you are looking to gain Pen Testing experience and pass the ECSA exam at the same time, you found the right place. This 5 day bootcamp is geared for the Government, Military and Contractors seeking 8570 compliance.

5 Day Authorized EC-Council ECSA Bootcamp: Train-Test-Pass!

What will I learn in the ECSA Bootcamp?

The ECSA is a security credential like no other! The ECSA Pen Tester Course provides you with a Real World Hands-On Penetration Testing Experience and is a globally accepted hacking and penetration testing class available that covers the testing of modern infrastructures, operating systems and application environments while teaching the students how to document and write a penetration testing report.

The ECSA program takes the tools and techniques you learned in the Certified Ethical Hacker course (CEH) and elevates your ability into full exploitation by teaching you how to apply the skills learned in CEH by utilizing EC-Council’s published penetration testing methodologies. It is a highly interactive, comprehensive, standards-based and methodology intensive 5-day security training program which teaches information security professionals to conduct real life penetration tests.

This course is part of the Information Security Track of EC-Council. This is a “Professional” level course, with the Certified Ethical Hacker being the “Core” and the Licensed Penetration Tester being the “Master” level certification. People who will benefit from this course are: Ethical Hackers, Penetration Testers, Security Testers, Firewall Administrators, Network Server Administrators, System Administrators and Risk Assessment Professionals.

ECSA v10 Class Details:

  • 5 Days of the Top ECSA Training in the Industry
  • EC-Council Authorized ECSA Training Session
  • Instruction by a High-Level ECSA Certified Security Expert
  • EC-Council Official ECSA Courseware with Hacking Tools
  • EC-Council Official Labs
  • ECSA Practice Questions
  • Snacks and Beverages Provide Daily
  • The ECSA V10 Exam Fee
  • Intensive Hands-On Labs During Class

Upon completion of the ECSA course, you will demonstrate competence and learn to master:

Information Security Overview
Information Security Threats and Attack Vectors
Hacking Concepts, Types and Phases
Ethical Hacking Concepts and Scope
Information Security Controls
Information Security Laws and Standards

DoD 8570.1 Mandate: Although the ECSA Certification is not on the DoD 8570.1 list, this certification is the higher level certification of the CEH. The CEH is on the list for Computer Network Defense (CND), NICE Framework and Compliance with FISMA (Federal Information Security Management Act).

EC-Council ECSA V10 Schedule:

ECSA Pen Test CertificationNone Currently ScheduledLive Online$2,995QUOTE / REGISTER

ECSA Class Requirements & Prerequisites:

ECSA candidates should meet the following requirements prior to attending the ECSA Bootcamp:

To be eligible to attempt the exam, candidates are required to perform real-world penetration testing over EC-Council’s secure cyber range and to produce a penetration test report that clearly documents the vulnerabilities found. This report will be graded by our professionals. Candidates that successfully submit an acceptable report will proceed on to a multiple-choice exam that tests a candidate’s knowledge. Candidates that successfully pass the multiple-choice exam will be awarded the ECSA credential.

What's New in the ECSA v10:

Unlike the previous version of ECSA exam, in the new ECSAv10, a student will only be allowed to challenge the ECSA exam after meeting certain eligibility requirements. To become eligible, a student must conduct a detailed penetration test through the EC-Council Cyber Range iLabs environment and submit a written report via EC-Council’s ASPEN system. Only candidates that successfully complete the penetration test in the Cyber Range iLabs environment are allowed to challenge the ECSA exam. You will conduct a penetration test on a company that has various departments, subnets and servers, and multiple operating systems with defense mechanisms architecture that has both militarized and non-militarized zones.

The design of the course is such that the instructor in the class will actually take you through the core concepts of conducting a penetration test based on EC-Council’s published penetration testing methodology and guide you through the report writing process for this organization.

Certifications Earned During This Bootcamp: EC-Council Certified Security Analyst (ECSA)

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Why choose Test Pass Academy?

Your Instructor Has Vast Experience in the Field

Quotation MarkThe class went great. Michael was an excellent teacher. He has vast experience in the field and used great real world examples to help understand concepts. Thank you for the opportunity to take this bootcamp with such a qualified teacher.Quotation Mark

Thanks again, Robert
Booz Allen Hamilton

Experience and High Energy Teaching Style

Quotation MarkFred is a fantastic instructor, with his background, experience and high energy teaching style I definitely have a great deal of confidence in passing the test first time through. I definitely will recommend your class for any future CISSP candidates.Quotation Mark

V/R, Chuck US Navy

Instructor for the Course Was Outstanding

Quotation MarkI had a great experience and thought that the test center was top notch. The material that has to be covered for an exam like these is very extensive. The instructor for the course was outstanding, and knew the Windows platform in and out.Quotation Mark

DoD Contractor

I Learned a lot and Passed the Test

Quotation MarkThe Security Plus class went very well!! I learned a lot, passed the test, and Tracy was an excellent instructor. I felt it was very valuable training for my job and was very satisfied with my experience with Test Pass Academy. Thank you for everything.Quotation Mark

Addy - US Air Force

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